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YouTube working on interactive films and several series

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Despite the cancellation of several large offers on paid service, YouTube is on its way to another route with visual content and this time with an industry of interactive shows of series, movies, and programs, as did Netflix with Bandersnatch episode of the series Black Mirror.

YouTube has appointed Ben Relais, who was part of the Web Visual Scenarios section, to be the director of a new department focused on interactive content.

The interactive presentation method gives the viewer an opportunity to determine what he wants to see instead of following the whole story of the scriptwriter. In other words, the viewer can determine through several scenario scenarios either through the directions he or she chooses. The serial without it, on the other side a different person with the same work can choose a personal survival and will see another different story although the presentation is similar and the beginning is one.

Interactive content is one of the most important areas developed by television and film experts for many years. Content networks are the beginning of this, although there is much more to do in the future to reach the interactive content of the full format. However, a similar content industry would be a big shift for viewers to enjoy business.

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