Xiaomi has announced the announcement of the new generation of the A series of Mi phones, which will be named Mi A3 this time and will be introduced two phones is the first Mi A3 and the other Mi A3 Lite.

This series, as we all know comes in cooperation with Google because it is part of the Android One project, that is, it is running Android raw system without any additions and Google to send updates periodically.

Back to the news story, Xiaomi was spotted July 25 to unveil the new series, which is expected to be the global version of the recently unveiled CC series.

The specifications and features of the devices are still vague until the moment but if they are similar to the CC series, we are waiting for a phone with good specifications, including the screen Oled and Snapdragon 665 processor with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage memory.

The device will also carry 3 cameras from the back with a camera for selfie pictures and will certainly work with the latest version of the operating system Android 9 on a battery capacity exceeding 4000mAh.



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