Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo file-sharing system

Xiaomi begins working with Oppo and Vivo to develop a system that helps users of the three companies’ phone share files wirelessly.

Xiaomi said on its official account on the Chinese social network WeChat, they begin working with Vivo and Oppo to develop a system that allows users to share files among themselves wirelessly depending on the type of device. This means that all three operating systems or interfaces based on the Android operating system will have a new file transfer system.

Xiaomi has an MIUI interface while Oppo has ColorOS and Vivo FuntouchOS, which will communicate together through the new system.

The companies use a specific protocol that allows the transfer of data between devices quickly and wirelessly without the need for Bluetooth, the way Apple does AirDrop and other companies that allow the transfer of files between the devices themselves and not all companies.

According to Xiaomi, the new protocol will help users transfer files at 20 Mbps.

The company also said the tripartite alliance could expand if other companies come forward to join the partnership, which helps users.

It can be said that the partnership of three of the largest smartphone companies in the world will help make a major shift in the field of file sharing.

Google has been trying to develop a similar file-sharing system on Android for years, specifically with the release of Android 4.0, but because of the different companies that rely on the system was unable to do so, it was based on the property of NFC, which will be dispensed in the Android Q system, and instead will Google added a Bluetooth-based Files service. But talking about a faster and easier way to transfer files, the Chinese alliance is more effective than the idea of ​​Google, especially with the speed that will provide the protocol used.

Quick File Sharing is built on Google Play, giving Chinese companies the power to start the project.




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