WhatsApp is one of the platforms on which to create and spread rumors and misleading news, and Facebook wants to reduce this by making it difficult to forward the message to other friends, so now you can send the message to only one person at a time.

WhatsApp says that due to the use of encryption, it is unable to know the content of the message to prevent the circulation of rumors and fabricated information, but these practices would help prevent its spread.

Although WhatsApp is unable to know the content of the message, but it is able to know the times of exchanging and forwarding a message, the company says it has witnessed a significant increase in forwarding operations.

And WhatsApp had applied restrictions to forward the message in India to only five people, and then provided this restriction globally, which helped reduce redirects by 25%.

These WhatsApp efforts are part of their assistance and cooperation with the World Health Organization and 20 governments around the world to help tackle the Coronavirus, as they have previously published an official bot for the organization, and it also has a website that displays reliable information.


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