Will Cathcart, Head of International Operations at Whatsapp, announced that the pay-in-application program will be officially launched in India by the end of this year after the end of the test period.

India has been testing and testing its payment service in India as the largest and most important country to use the application. After completion of the tests, Whatsapp management will discuss with the Indian government and financial authorities before the service is officially launched.

Whatsapp, which began testing in India last February, has tested up to 1 million users.

Whatsapp will hold several days of meetings with officials from the Indian Central Bank and the National Payment Board. It has been reported that Watasab has expressed its willingness to send data requested by the Central Bank of India to accelerate the launch of the service. Whatsapp has previously confirmed that it has developed a system to store user data related to payment within India.

It is worth noting that there are 400 million users of Whatsapp in India, and smartphones are deployed at a great rate as well as the internet licenses. What makes Whatsapp payment a convenient option for most users, just like in China with the Wechat application.

The question, after India, where will be the next destination ?.




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