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Tik Tok is facing new legal problems this time in the UK

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The success tax and the huge number of users in the TikTok application among all audiences are brought to court.


The Tick Tech application will not end up with legal problems from time to time, depending on the usage policy, the public and the quality of the content being posted on the popular video blogging platform, as new investigations into the application took place in the UK.

The application suffered a major blow in April in India due to the usage policy which led to its ban in the most important markets.

Currently, the situation is different because the problem is within a country subject to EU consumer protection law and privacy, so the consequences of the decision may affect different markets and are important for the application.

According to The Guardian newspaper, UK Attorney General Elizabeth Dunham told the parliamentary committee that the application of tik tok for short videos violates EU law, which stipulates that a different use and privacy law is needed for adults in all technology companies After the UK began an investigation since February on the application.

The conversation is the most important reason behind this investigation, as it allows adults to easily communicate young people on the podium.

According to the investigation, this could lead to harassment of children and other things that pose a danger to them.

It is noted that the application of Tic Tuk and owned by Bytedance can be fined 4% of its revenues in case it found to be contrary to the law.

4% of revenue is about $ 22.6 million, higher than the 6-million-US fine imposed in February.


The Guardian

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