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The Samsung browser formally supports the OneUI style and also the Smart tracking feature

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samsung browser
About a month ago, Samsung launched a trial version of its browser, Samsung Internet, for Android users. The company tested its new OneUI design, as well as a more important feature of Smart Anti-Tracking, For all Android users gradually, these features have been made available in full without any problems.

For the new OneUI design, move the main interface elements near the bottom of the screen to make it easy to use with one hand, especially for large screen phones, while extending the dark mode feature to include website backgrounds.

samsung broswer image

“This feature uses automated learning to determine which third-party domains are trying to track you across the web, as the browser will block these domains from accessing cookies,” the company said here. , Which disrupts their ability to follow you “, and here you can turn this feature into settings and then privacy and security to the option of Smart anti-tracking

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