It is the preferred iOS system for millions of people around the world, but like other systems it has some missing or tiring things for users who want to use it more easily, and not to import files or images from third-party applications of those tired things that were not provided by the system, This may change with iOS 13.

According to a report from the 9to5Mac website, Apple will, through its iOS 13 platform, allow third-party applications to import images directly from external disks, such as the Lightroom CC application, for example. Where the system required transferring images from the external disk to the camera file and then importing them from there.

On the same side, Apple will provide a number of updates to its new system through the development of Marzipan, a platform that helps iOS application developers make their applications available to the Mac system, so developers can access features such as touch bar, menus, and UIKit applications.

IOS 13 will also have enhancements to the Seri Assistant that allow access to third-party applications and help developers add their applications to the platform. As well as improved ARCT platform enhanced functionality and other features that we will definitely see at the WWDC 2019 Developers Conference with the announcement of the system.


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