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The Finnish language gaming industry Supercell

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Have you ever heard of the famous game of Clash of Clans? The game that makes fantastic profits and is played by millions of people around the world, young and old? Well, this and other games have been developed bySuperCell, one of the most famous companies in the development of games for smartphones.

Everything started from here

The first office of the company in 2010

The company was founded in the summer of 2010 by six people who know each other through previous works in various fields. They decided to set up the company that started in Espoo, the second largest city in Finland. The company was financed by several companies investing hundreds of thousands of euros.

When the company was created, the founders did not have a full idea of ​​what the company could become in the future. All they were thinking about was creating wonderful, fun games that the audience liked and kept playing for years, not months, and were remembered forever by the players.

The first game of the company was a competitive game called Gunshine, which can be played through the browser or through mobile phones, but the game was terminated after a year and a half of the launch for several reasons, after the issuance of several other games for mobile phones, but closed after several months because of changing strategies in the company.

The beginning of success

The moment of the launch of Hai Dai

Two years after the establishment of the company, the game “Hay Day” was launched, which is based on the idea of ​​agriculture and harvesting and was quoted from other games such as FarmVille Farm , and this was the starting point towards the success of the company and increase revenues, followed by the launch of other games have achieved greater successes over the years.

The game is the most successful game of the company at all, after the launch in 2012 by a few months only became the largest games for profits in the United States, and two years later became the most popular games of the game in the world, and the game has become popular among young people and adults to the extent whether.

Company revenue from games


Over the years, Supercell has made significant profits from its various games. In 2015, the company achieved revenues of € 2.3 billion and net profit of € 924 million, an 800% growth in less than 4 years compared to 2012, which achieved only € 78 million. Making it one of the largest gaming companies ever developed.

In June 2016, Chinese and multinational company Tencent acquired 83.4% of SuperSell in a deal worth $ 8.6 billion, with SuperSell valued at $ 10.2 billion by the group. SoftBank Japanese.

Reasons for the company’s outstanding success


“The best way to make money from mobile games is to stop thinking about making money and thinking about fun instead.” These were the words of CEO of ILKKA PAANANEN. The company’s beliefs and philosophy may differ from other video game companies, Reasons for the success of the company in the following points:

  • Relying on a professional team, the best team makes the best games, the company’s leaders look like this by building a professional sports team, it is the titles and championships are the professional teams and not the players, so the best working environment surrounding the team.
  • The cell is divided into small cells each cell, or as they call it “Cell”. Each cell has complete independence in its work without interference in other cell affairs. The cell creates its own game and develops it constantly. The company says that good work comes from the small teams by giving them free space For creativity rather than control.
  • Building long-range games are played for years by users. All Supercell games depend on the continuous development of the game over a long period of time and will be in conflict with time to develop your level and increase your strength in the game. Supercell games are endless and can be played at any time and continuously.
  • Switching from supporting all platforms to focusing on the smartphone platform, from the beginning the company’s focus was on providing games for all platforms, but over the years the company realized that the best quality of work obtained when focusing on one platform only.
  • Dealing smartly with failure, the company has a lot of projects that have been closed because of failure to achieve the desired success and other reasons, but the company continues to make more games and achieve successes, and when the game does not achieve success is closed and focus on creating another successful game.

Donation for charity


The company has made a lot of contributions to charity, with staff contributing € 3.4 million to the new Children’s Hospital project in Finland, and in 2015 a smart idea to fight AIDS through its games, incorporating red elements into its main games. Red money is donated to fight AIDS.

The two founders of the company founded ME Foundation,   which supports many philanthropic activities, such as the donation of € 2.5 million to the Helsinki Youth Department to support young immigrants, as well as the collection of corporate tablets and distribution to poor families to introduce Happiness on her children and many more.

There is nothing wrong with failure


In fact, the number of failed projects that Supercell closed more than the number of successful projects, but this does not mean failure is necessary, the smart deal with failure is more important than falling into it, and once the game is not enjoyable at all and do not get much attention is closed directly of course.

The company believes that failure is a unique opportunity to learn, and each lesson makes the team better than it was. So when every project is closed or a new failure, the company holds a small party for employees on this occasion. It may seem strange but the celebration of failure is better than sadness. For the largest projects that have been closed by the company:

  • Gunshine


The first game of Supercell, the only game not played by phones, a competitive game played through the Internet browser, where the idea was initially to create games to be played from different platforms, but after a period of the company realized that this game does not meet the vision of the company.

The Supercell close the game for several reasons, the most important they were not from the games category played by the user for years, but the user feel bored after a few months only, as it is difficult that the player enters the atmosphere of the game without having the prior experience of this kind of games, In addition to the company’s focus on the smartphone platform only.

  • Pets vs Orcs


This game was the company’s first game of smartphones, and the idea of ​​the game around a village of pets including dogs, cats, bears, turtles, and others, where they are kidnapped by the orcs, and you build a strong army to protect your village and stop the kidnapping of puppies, the game was launched in 2012 It was closed only a few months later.

  • Battle Buddies


It is a strategic and competitive game player against player, and each player has control of a team of 6 characters, and each character is distinguished from the other in several aspects, and playing in different play areas such as castles, ports, and others, and all the elements in the area of ​​play is destructible, Close it in the same year.

  • Spooky Pop


The game was launched after the success of previous games such as the Kalash of Klans, Hai Dai and Bum Beach, a game that matches the squares of colors in a new and interesting type of match-3, but this game has not been as successful as previous, and was stopped six months after the launch in December 2014.

  • Smash Land


This game is based on destroying as many opposing forces as possible in a two-dimensional flat play area. It has different characters, available and rare. The game was launched in April 2015 and was closed in just a few months, and closing the game was a difficult decision.

Games and Announcements


When talking about mobile games, one of the most important points is advertising. Many games rely on advertising for profit, and although these ads are very annoying to users, especially since some appear in full-screen mode, A bit of being an income source for game developers.

But walking in this direction, while making some profit, does not lead to the loyalty of the players. The constant appearance of ads during play is what makes the player avoid this game and may uninstall it from his phone. In the interface instead of showing the ad in full-screen mode.

So, something new has to be invented to satisfy the players, such as not being annoyed with advertising and earning a lot of profit at the same time, so the huge games depend on the inside of the game to make profits, and Supercell depends on all its games on purchases within the game to make profits Without displaying any ads.

The company’s current games


By games such as Clash of Clans and others became the company Supercell one of the largest growing companies in the world, Vaatmadha distinct philosophy of the team building has allowed it to launch a successful Games dazzled the world of smartphone games, and the number of current games company 5 games, you will learn about it together now by Date of appearance:

  1. Hay Day


Date of launch: June 2012

You do not have to work on a farm to be a good farmer. This game provides you with a special place to experience the work on the ground and the cultivation of various crops. There are a large number of agricultural crops that differ in time of cultivation and value when selling them, as well as taking care of the trees and decorating your farm with many beautiful ornamental pieces.

In addition to growing crops, you can also raise animals such as cows, sheep, chickens, and others, by feeding them continuously to get their products such as milk, eggs, meat, wool, etc. Animal products can be used in machines to make many other products.

  1. Clash of Clans


Date of launch: August 2012

Join the millions in the biggest game of Tribal Conflict, build your own village and build buildings constantly, make your own army of barbarians, folks, dragons, and others, and train them to become more powerful to conquer your enemies on the battlefield. Join a tribe or create your own tribe to start a conflict.

The game is characterized by the number of fighters and a lot of diversity in shapes and sizes and strength, and the fighters appear gradually as you progress in the game, and can be found in the comprehensive Arab guide to the game of Clash of clans to know the important elements in the game and how to deal with them.

The game has been more successful than its predecessor, and in just two years it has become one of the most profitable games in the world and has contributed to the company’s annual revenue growth and has been the reason for the development of more games followed by the company.

  1. Boom Beach Boom Beach


Date of launch: May 2014

The strategic game of commanding your naval forces to attack enemies and liberate slaves on the islands, explore the maritime map through the radar to show more hidden islands to attack them, use the various troop assemblies in the attack, and think of a plan before the attack or you will be severely defeated.

In Bom Beach you can play with friends in a combat unit with a maximum of 50 players. The missions are opened on a daily basis so that all players have one goal: destroying the hard colonies and coordinating the players in the chat about the best way to attack the colonies.

  1. Clash Royale Clash Royale


Date of launch: January 2016

Fight in one battle against one and destroy the enemy’s main turrets, unleash your own forces to defeat the enemy forces in a fun strategy game, use the cards of troops down smartly to launch the right troops in time, achieve victory to develop your level and unlock more new troops.

This game depends on the main characters in the game of Clash of Clans, if you have played Clash of Clans will not have trouble understanding the capabilities of your own forces in the playing area, the company’s only game so far that is played in the vertical position and not the horizontal screen of the phone.

  1. Brawl Stars


Date of launch: June 2017

It is time to fight and make a lot of inconveniences, choose your favorite character and join your friends to form your own team, go down to the playing field to fight against enemies, choose the right game mode and win the game, open more characters and develop to become stronger in the playing field.

The game is mainly based on team competition and includes several modes of play in which the only one can play individually. The game is characterized by a wide variety of key characters that you can choose to play and change at any time depending on the situation you play.

Company and staff


The staff of Supercell currently has 290 employees from around the world and employs more than 30 different nationalities. The company has offices in San Francisco (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai (China) To the headquarters located in Helsinki (Finland).

The company offers the opportunity to join the Supercell team and offers jobs available in the company to accept applications in multiple countries, and anyone can join the team through several steps including testing, preliminary and final interviews.


Whether you’re a Supercell game fan or not a great player for games on the phone, the company is one of the most successful game developers ever. Every game of the company is an amazing icon that many players have come to believe in and play.

Supercell-main-logoIt is true that some Supercell games have failed, but this point is calculated for the company and not on it. The main purpose of making games is to make them enjoyable. Once this is not available, there is no need to survive and must be completely terminated. This is the company’s basic philosophy when dealing with games that you launch.

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