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Telegram update currently supports the cancellation of causing messages you received and a lot of more

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telegramOn a regular basis, the Telegram service team, with new features and additions to the service, on the desktop or on mobile applications, today and in a new update to the application with the Telegram 5.5 version number, users were given full control over any A private conversation where they will be able to delete any message sent or received from both sides, so the messages disappear to you and the other person without leaving any trace.

The company also noted that this feature does not have a time limit, with the possibility to delete any private chat entirely from your device and the other person’s device in just two clicks. To increase privacy, the message forwarding restriction feature is entered. When this setting is enabled, To your account, instead a non-clickable name will be displayed.

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Due to the increased size of the app’s settings options, a search box has been added that lets you quickly find any setup you need, as well as support for displaying answers to any Telegraph-related questions. It does not stop there. Until the download is complete.

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On Android only, you can now use keywords in multiple languages to find any emoticons, and you’ll also see a list of related emoticons when you type a message. If you want enough emoticons to send them without any attached text, a larger emoji will appear in the chat.

Support for accessibility features has been added. On iOS there is support for VoiceOver, and on Android there is support for TalkBack. These gesture-based technologies will give you spoken feedback so you can use the app without seeing the screen.

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