The Telegram messaging app just got a new update 5.10 that supports both Android and iOS.

This update includes many features that create a calm atmosphere, as well as animated emoji support.

Perhaps the most prominent of these features is the “silent messaging” feature, so you can now send messages to friends freely when you know they are sleeping, studying or attending a meeting.

Just press and hold the send button to send any message or media without sound.

The recipient will receive a notification as usual, but their phones will not beep even if they forget to enable Do Not Disturb mode while supporting their work from groups.

The other key feature of Slow Mode is that if you feel it is difficult to follow the group you manage, the Group Permissions section now includes the Slow Mode switch.

When the administrator has enabled this mode, you will only be able to send one message within the time period of their choice, with a timer showing the time you have to wait before sending your next message.

This can make the situation in conversations from the group more organized.

A feature centered on controlling the number of messages

In short, the slow mode feature is to control the number of messages that members can send during a specified time period.

With the update of Telegram 5.10, it is possible to assign custom titles to group administrators, as well as support for preview of videos.

With previously supported animated stickers, the app now supports animated emojis, and there is an option to control the frequency of animated stickers.


The list of attachments in Android has also got a complete redesign, as the thumbnail has become larger to make it easier to choose photos and videos at a glance.


Scrolling up will reveal your full photo gallery for better browsing, and only iOS app users can now choose distinctive colors for dark mode themes.


A set of enhancements and fixes targeting application performance and response

Finally, Telegram 5.10 update is currently available and for everyone, to download it on Android or iOS, go from here or here respectively.




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