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Shoelace a new social network Making by Google

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Google has never succeeded in launching any social networks, no matter how innovative or traditional, and after closing Google Plus, it returns with a new social network called Shoelace, which is now very limited.

Shoelace is an application that lets you create a list of activities, events, and places you are interested in. Invite your friends to share with you, and suggest events that may interest you to attend.


Currently, the application is available to users from New York City only and via the invitation system and supports the operating systems Android and iOS. This application is the latest project known as Area 120, a speeding business for Bukhul, which is launching pilot projects.

There is still a lot to do with Google’s new social network before it gets light, and the narrow beginning will test it better and intrigue around it and of course, gradually it will be available in more cities and US states before it supports the rest of the world.

In 2011, Google launched a similar thing called “Schemer” which was short-lived and used invitations to help people meet and get acquainted with live events such as concerts, exhibitions, movies, plays, etc.

The launch of Schermer in 2011 and its closure in 2014 may have been premature and premature as social networks were not as mature as today, so Cool can experience its new idea this year.



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