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Samsung phone attaches to the emergence of issues in its folding phone screens

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As we mentioned in a previous report, a number of people who got the Samsung Fold Foldable Phone had different problems on their phone screens after only one day of use, which was seen as a result of removing a plastic layer above the screen similar to the protective layer as the same people.

The site Engadget sites that got the device, but according to the published site, the phone did not face any similar problems, whether Fractures or plastic on the screen layer, but at the same time got a response from Samsung on the subject, which caused a sensation night hours ago.

Samsung said: “A limited number of Galaxy Fold samples have been provided to the media for review. We have received limited reports of problems on the main screen in the samples we have provided. We will personally examine (in Korea) those phones to find out the cause of the main problem. “

“Separately, some reviewers have talked about causing the top layer on the screen to cause damage.” The main screen carries a protective upper layer, which is part of the same screen structure designed to prevent any problems with the screen and remove this layer or add anything Above it may cause harm to it. We will make sure this information is clear on the phone when we provide it to customers. “

Samsung’s folding phone is priced at nearly $ 2,000, but such a problem will take the device to the failure curve, but confirming those who got the phones that the reason for removing the top layer may reduce the shock.

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