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India government ban to TikTok application From Google and Apple Store

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India’s Ministry of Information Technology asked Google and Apple to remove the TikTok video sharing application from their application stores because of illegal and pornographic content.

An Indian court has investigated the application, which has gained widespread fame recently and has millions of users in India, many under the legal age. The investigation found the content of the application to promote pornography and illegal content.

This is the second time that the application has faced legal disputes after the US Federal Communications Commission imposed a $ 5.7 million fine for violating child pornography policies.

It is estimated that TikTok has 120 million users in India alone, and will not be affected by the request to delete from stores, but the new users will be affected by owners of iPhone phones only, as Android users can download from external sources.

The most significant impact will be on the reputation of the application as linking it to legal issues and disputes and pornography will not allow it to expand and grow more in the future.

TikTok has deleted more than 6 million videos from its platform for violating usage standards and community guidelines. Thus, it is clear that the application is already suffering from the spread of infringing content for any reason and has to do more to remove it from the platform.


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