Huawei’s First HongMeng OS Coming on smartphones at the end of this year.

According to press reports, China, Huawei will launch the first phone HongMeng OS system developed by itself during the fourth quarter of this year, despite the company ‘s vice president statement except for last month that the system targets smart TVs, and specifically Honor smart series TV series.

Sources say that the phone will come in conjunction with the flagship phone Mate 30, but will work with a completely different operating system thanks to Hongmeng OS.

Huawei will hold its developer conference on August 9 in Dongguan, China, and will launch its smart TV series next day as the first device to be developed. While it will wait until the fourth quarter of the year to launch the first HongMeng OS phone at a price of up to $ 290 in China in conjunction with the launch of Mate 30, which will come in turn Android operating system.

The new Huawei operating system is based on a microkernel that allows for more artificial intelligence options.

In contrast to the kernel-based Android system, which offers less flexibility, the Chinese company has decided to take a different path to its new system by developing a microkernel structure similar to what Google itself is doing with the Fuchsia OS operating system, which has been operating for quite some time. The future of smart systems on users’ machines with lots of artificial intelligence options.

It seems that Huawei will precede Google in this matter with the new system, which developed as an alternative to operating systems for US companies.


Global Times


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