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HTC publishes 14 special applications from Google Play Store

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In February, many HTC applications disappeared from Google Play Store, including the HTC Mail e-mail application, calendar application, and people. However, the mail application was quickly restored only, but with careful scrutiny, there were about 14 other company applications It has been removed from Google Play Store in the last three months.

In view of the recent activity of HTC Corporation in App Brain, we can confirm that both the Sense Home Launcher and Contacts are not on the store, as well as 12 other applications including Calendar, Dot View and Speak.


Due to updates of these applications, no updates have been made in the past several months, so it is very likely that the company will end support for them, so there is no reason to stay in the Play Store, however, the application of mail and contacts and people major applications come Preinstalled with HTC devices, so it is odd removed from the store.

It is not clear exactly why this happened, but with some possible reasons, such as the company’s phones have not worked well in the last few years, and support for a range of applications used by a few people makes no sense, Many of the company’s applications still exist on the App Store.

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