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Google Pixel 4 have a motion sensor and phone lock via facial features and AR gestures

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After Google unveiled the design of its next 4-inch camera and will have a three-way back camera, it is now pointing out other features the phone will enjoy, some of which will be based on Soli’s sensor technology, which the company has been working on since 2015.

Where Google today and through its official blog with the text of the text that the expression of a 4-pixel phone refers to the celebration of a pair of features that will have a significant role in facilitating access to various services depending on the company’s approach to activating the role of computing technology assigned.

To illustrate the most ambient computing, ambient computing is a term that includes many concepts that revolve around the interaction between objects and human beings through the use of artificial intelligence tools and the use of different signals and frequencies in activating and facilitating the access of users across different devices.

Returning to a 4-pixel phone, Google explained in its blog that it would have two basic features:


Motion sensor or gesture sensor:

As mentioned above, it will be a feature built on the Soli technology that the company has been developing for years, and will enter the service through sensors will be added by the company for the first time on the next version of pixels.

The sensor will be placed at the top of a 4-pixel phone to be a station to receive different user-generated movements, which will be translated and analyzed through a set of software algorithms to execute multiple commands over the phone.

Which will include, of course, many options, including control of music tracks and move between them to stop the alarm and activate the silent mode and all this without the need for direct pressure, but waving only in front of the phone.

The company pointed out that these features will be the first to activate the technology over the phone, where the future will see many updates will make the benefit of the greater over time.

Lock the phone by recognizing the face software:

This is the second feature the company will offer on its phone, which is already available in many smartphones today, but the company insists that its mechanism will be different from those available on other phones.

As it does not take time during the implementation, but it contains the other features of reading the gestures of the user if he wants to lock his phone, as in case of holding the phone and wish to unlock!

The latest feature is a face-based face lock, providing security for the user’s data, as the company said, as facial recognition is done entirely on the phone itself, as it will not be saved or shared with other Google services.

Google pointed out that these data will be saved in the Titan M chip shown on the same phone, and noted that the data of the traffic boom will not be shared, too.

We see that the company is trying to market to its phone in various ways after the adoption of the principle of confirmation of leaks recently, which is in their interest, of course, and addressed today to the side of the added features may provoke some excitement to the audience of pixels phones and we can judge the effectiveness only after the experiment.


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