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Now Google pictures can tell you photos and videos that haven’t been Backed up

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Since a year, the application of Google Images had an indicator of images and videos in the application’s photo gallery, in which the user knew that these files were backed up or not, but with application updates this indicator was eliminated, but the application team Error removal, to restart the function, but more widely.

“We’ve introduced a new show to help you see your photos and videos that were not backed up and pre-selected for backup, and we’ve introduced several improvements to make the app compatible with collapsible devices,” said Google.

Therefore, this extension will be necessary for users who have not been enabled for automatic backup and can never know what was uploaded and what is not loaded, or for those who have no idea what component has broken its copy process.

Although Google has updated the application’s “change” history on the Play Store, the feature is not yet turned on, and this is not the first time the application team has made a change history before the feature starts for users, but make sure that this update and its feature will Today is tomorrow.

Download the updated Google images from here

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