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Google lens now can tell you the owner recognize a painting

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Since the launch of the Google Lens lens in English for users, we have been and still are half the smart lens for its advantages and tools, especially the real-time visual recognition feature.


In general, you’ll soon be able to use your smartphone, sitting in a coffee shop, from getting to know the artist behind a panel.

This new feature, currently being tested in San Francisco, will identify the artworks you see outside of the fairs while telling you how to reach the panel owner.

With regard to the possibility of use, they are as follows:
  • First, open the Google application on your smartphone and open the lens “Lens”.
  • Then point a phone camera to the Artwork and then click on the blue dot.
  • This will display a scroll bar with information about the work, which you can click to view the artist’s biography as well as their contact details.

In the same context, this feature was created in partnership with Westover, a digital art discovery platform.

Rachel Esman, Executive Director of Westover says:

“She hopes this project will help people recognize art and raise the profile of artists who make artworks.”

She concluded her speech:

“With these exact matches, we help users close the gap between inspiration and source because they trust the results they get.”

It is noteworthy that in a recent update to the lens of Google, has received new filters, most notably the recommendation to choose a favorite dish in a restaurant.

Also, there are other filters such as “automatic, translation, text, shopping”, with a full refresh of the user interface.

Finally, as noted above, this recognition feature in Google’s lens is now available to users in a limited way and will be released to everyone as soon as it is completed.



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