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“Games section on Google Play Store Add a New Option” Events

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play storeIf you are an active player in Android, you may be familiar with or know about “Events”, which in turn allow users to win prizes and bonuses. Previously, these games could be found in particular, under the game description, Or simply experience the game and know its support for event property.

So the task of finding these games is very difficult, and the reason is that there is no dedicated and unified section for these games. Now, in an attempt to make things easier, the company launched a new tab titled “Events” in the Games section of the Play Store, This type of games is in one place.


Play-Store-EventsThis new section will include current or upcoming events, as well as games that have not yet been tried, in order to discover new games through which enter the challenges of strong, finally this add-on gradually to users, being it by the server, so if it does not reach you, Wait another day.

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