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Fractures and issues appeared in Samsung’s folding phone screens after one day of use

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Samsung yesterday launched the first official version of its folding phone Galaxy Fold by providing the owners of sites and technical accounts to write their reviews and talk more after the experience to use to dazzle the public after, and while everyone admired the phones at the time, but that turned to the worst possible image of promotion For new phone due to different problems.

Several people connected to the phone, which cost about $ 2,000, posted online images of screen problems that occurred only one day after use! But apparently the talk of those who have been exposed to this, the problems began after removing a screen-like layer of the phone, and apparently, that layer helps them to cohesion.

The phones that have been provided so far are phones for review, while phones for users will be available in the coming days. But, as The Verge said, Samsung is expected to write a warning to users not to remove the protective layer on the screen when in use, Samsung’s interpretation of this big problem.

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