Mozilla announced a new plan to increase the protection of users on the browser Firefox by preventing the tracking of hackers and pursuers and to avoid exploitation in the mining of encrypted digital currency or even the use of data and simulation of their use to perform various tasks and exploitation without the knowledge of their original owners.

Mozilla has partnered with Disconnect, which is developing security systems to prevent user tracking, blocking sites and ads, and then adding them to a long list of banned sites.

Some people use their sites or advertisements to take advantage of users to dig digital currency on their computers without any knowledge, and this process is the background but affects the speed of the device used as well as battery, while others are using data and simulated with other sites to take advantage of. Mozilla’s move to Firefox is very distinctive to protect users.

The feature will be available to the Beta 67 beta for any users, and will then be released to users in general after ensuring completeness.


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