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Facebook instant games moves from Messenger to the Facebook tab for games

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Since its launch in 2016, Facebook instant games have not found a place where, if you remember, it started with a news feed in the main Facebook application.

It was then moved to a special tab, and the end was brought to the Messenger application after it was also brought to the Lite version.

However, these free online games are surprisingly popular among users.


Where some estimates indicate that there are more than 20 billion games played over the past two years.

Over the past few years, the online gaming library has continued to grow, including classic games like Pac-Man, Galaga, Space Invaders, and famous titles like Words With Friends and Uno.

The reason for this great success may be due to the social nature of the Games, as well as support across different systems.

Now, the company has announced its intention to transfer these games from the Messenger application to its main application, specifically in the Facebook tab for ” Facebook Gaming “.

This transition will be in several stages, as noted by the Director of Global Gaming Partnerships in the company, “Leo Olb,” he pointed out:

“Starting this summer, instant games will not be directly playable in the new version of Messenger on iOS.”

He continued:

“To ensure a smooth transition, Messengers’ players will continue to access the games through updates of conversation sequences and bots, while the game itself will turn into Facebook.”


For many, this move is in the right direction, as everyone knows, the Messenger application is full of somewhat exotic features.

The goal of this step is very clear, which is to convert Messenger application to a faster, lighter and simpler application.

As well as the company’s intention to turn instant gaming into a centralized experience on Facebook.

For its part, the company will begin preliminary testing of the transfer this month.

So as to gather ideas and comments from the community, minimizing the unrest for both developers and players.

Here Leo Liu pointed out:

“We will inform players and guide them through steps to enjoy instant games on Facebook, and we will continue to share more details about the transition of the platform and schedules with developers.”

Finally, the company promised that it will continue to maintain current policies and apply them as well as explore new policies to ensure that the games are fun and safe for all players.



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