Syncing is great for people with many different devices, and Chrome browser supports syncing almost everything, but now you’ve added a new option to sync your payment information with Google Pay.

google-pay-chromeGoogle Payments works with adding, deleting, and editing your payment information. If you store that information in a Chrome browser, it will be available to you via any device you use as long as you’re signed in with your Google Account.

As usual, there are concerns about security, especially when we talk about access data for financial accounts, but Google has taken the necessary precautions as it requires the user to enter the CVC number of the card stored in its payment service when used on a Chrome browser.

If you add a new credit card to your account, you will receive an email telling you to do so and asking you to confirm the transaction.

In any event, the synchronization of payment options is optional for you to make it easier for you and not to re-enter your data every time you need to pay through Google Pay. You can always manage payment methods and delete any of them through Chrome browser via settings – payment methods.

The Google Pay service was launched last year after the integration of Android Pay and Google Wallet into a single multi-platform platform that allows users to switch between users and pay online.

Google did not accurately disclose the number of Google Pay users but said they were hundreds of millions.




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