Saturday, January 23, 2021

Whatsapp can launch a payment service systems in India at the last of the...

Will Cathcart, Head of International Operations at Whatsapp, announced that the pay-in-application program will be officially launched in India by the end of this year after the end of the test...

Instagram will inform you if your account will be blocked soon

Instagram recently launched new privacy & policy that will make you expect that your account will be banned because of violating community standards. The new policy states that you will be...

The Twitter app can permit users to put in their favorite lists

The Twitter menu feature has not received much popular in the past, but this feature can be very useful. For example, its importance list in organizing accounts by paying attention to the...

Shoelace a new social network Making by Google

Google has never succeeded in launching any social networks, no matter how innovative or traditional, and after closing Google Plus, it returns with a new social network called Shoelace, which is now very limited. Shoelace...

Animated stickers finally gets in The Telegram application

Animated posters feature up application Telegram - Telegram to improve the messaging experience for Telegram users. Telegram announced that its application began to provide animated stickers to all users, more than four years after...

Wikipedia Founder Criticizes Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter and the ‘appalling’ internet

Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales, criticized large social networking platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. "These companies exploit users' personal data to make a profit at the expense of serious breaches of privacy...

Tik Tok is facing new legal problems this time in the UK

The success tax and the huge number of users in the TikTok application among all audiences are brought to court. The Tick Tech application will not end up with legal problems from...

YouTube offers you a lot of management choices on your homepage and videos below

One of the most requested things on YouTube by users is that there are more control options. Especially in videos that appear from the homepage, as well as suggestions made through the...

Snapchat announces the Snap Games platform and starts with Bitmoji Party

Snape has extended its range of activities through its conference today by announcing a new addition to its application with the launch of the Snap Games platform to raise the level of entertainment. This platform...
Google Plus shut down

Google Plus going to shut down

After Google announced at the beginning of the year its intention to close its social network accounts Google Plus in early April , the company officially closed the accounts on its way to shut down...

The Latest Tech News

Xiaomi Mi 11 phone unveil on December 28

It announced Xiaomi company officially announced the date of December 28 as the date for the detection of a phone which will be the Mi 11 first phone carrying a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor...