Saturday, January 23, 2021

Amazon Prime Video finally comes to the platforms Chrome Chrome and Android Tv

In conjunction with YouTube's return to the Fire TV platform, Amazon Prime has started working on the Chrome and Android platforms. After ending the dispute between Amazon and Google in April, users...

Chrome browser currently supports synchronize payment choices for Google Pay

Syncing is great for people with many different devices, and Chrome browser supports syncing almost everything, but now you've added a new option to sync your payment information with Google Pay. Google...

Google will announce its a new Pixel phone on May 7

Google has announced the date of its next conference on Pixels on May 7, which is expected to reveal its new smartphones. Google recently hinted through its online store on Pixel 3a...

Google permits the employment of automaton phone as a true security key

Google has announced that any phone running Android 7 and above can be used as a true security key for 2-step verification. This means that you do not need to buy a...

Microsoft launches the primary take a look at the version of the Edge-based Chrome...

After long problems with users because of its browsers from Explorer to Edge, Microsoft decided last year to provide a new experience for its systems to build a different version based on...
Google Plus shut down

Google Plus going to shut down

After Google announced at the beginning of the year its intention to close its social network accounts Google Plus in early April , the company officially closed the accounts on its way to shut down...

Google now don’t selling Pixel 2

Almost a year and a half after it was launched, Google decided to stop selling the Pixel 2 and the larger version of XL through its e-commerce store, where Google refers...

The Latest Tech News

Xiaomi Mi 11 phone unveil on December 28

It announced Xiaomi company officially announced the date of December 28 as the date for the detection of a phone which will be the Mi 11 first phone carrying a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor...