Apple Music supports Android, with its official application on the Google Play Store, and supports tablet PCs and even Chromebooks, and new software has emerged suggesting that the service will support ChromeStream to provide music on the TV.

9to5 Google disassembled the latest version of the Apple App Store available on the Play Store and reviewed the software code that it was under development to support Chrome Cast.

With version 2.8, the Apple Music app on Android got support for Chromebooks, followed by Apple with two subsystems to solve some of the problems that appeared to users, and with these versions, the evidence began to appear.

If the feature actually appears later, any song running on Apple Music will be able to play on Google Home, Smart Display, Android TV, or Chrome Cast. The application will also be used on the Android phone to control the song.

We do not know when the feature will reach users yet, as they need some final extensions in the design like adding the Cast button.


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